Freshest Paint - Live Painting

It's like falling back in love with the one you fell the hardest for in the first place. I can't explain the vibe with words. I can't define the feeling with spoken or written language. The frequency that exists when you combine a master conductor of electronic symphonies, a botanically influenced visual artist with gypsy proclivities, and one super nerdy painter with an affinity for transcendence... Freedom and love filled my canvas, inspired solely by my atmosphere and dynamics.. I responded to these things with a visual vocabulary that resonates from the soul. My creativity was like a king cobra being coaxed from a dark, dormant setting, rising with the energy like Kundalini. My fire for creativity is as hot as it has ever been, and truly, more informed and mature.

Watch the video from the event - for bookings, email

Autumn Kramer & Josh Faber from Bleached Butterfly are my muses, my hosts and my friends project, and I am so pleased to present the original painting, "Adolescent Vanity" (Diptych Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas, 96" x 72", 2016)

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