Fresh Paint: Mural of Oriole Park at Camden Yards

In the heated throws of a playoff battle, I was posted up each night on this job pulling for the birds. Alas, our boys were swept by the soon-to-be-crowned champions of the World Series, The Royals. Nonetheless, our struggle as fans of the Baltimore Orioles is no longer an embarrassing one, and this mural serves both as an eye-catcher as it does a benchmark in team spirit--or as we call it, Orioles' Magic!

This mural was slated to be finished about the same time as the birds would have entered the big show of MLB. It was long and it was detail oriented! I painted this mural with the intentions to capture our town's energy and the resurgence of orange in Baltimore. It is infused with significant signs and logos of a family that gets captured on the big screen (Hey Smiths!). This is a baseball field painting, but it is more of a portrait of Camden Yards and her fans of the 2014 season.

#Orioles #Baseball #Baltimore #painting #art #artist #mural #alwayshandpaint


#orioles #baseball #baltimore #painting #art #artist #mural #alwayshandpaint

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