Fine Art Services

Commissioned Oil Painting - by Square Inch

$2 to $2.50/sq inch

Commissioned Sports Art - by Square Inch

$2 to $2.50/sq inch

In Home Murals - by Square Foot

$15 to $30/sq foot

Commercial Illustration - Hourly


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Below is a just a sample of popular Art Services that I offer on a year-round basis.  To begin the process, just send me an email.

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Original Oil Paintings


The finest and most fulfilling medium that I work in, my oil paintings are of great quality in both craftsmanship and expressive realism.  I am passionate about extracting and expressing psychological and metaphysical wavelengths from the subjects I paint.  I employ heavy and bold brushstroke techniques.  I push my work to the full range of the colors I see and feel.  My hunger to find the truth is not satisfied by portraying the mere likeness of a person or object, but rather to reveal its full presence.  I want my audience to hear my paintings when they see them.  I want my clients to own a painting that explicitly embodies their intended content, both in likeness and in presence.


To begin the process, please email me your request for commission.

To see my Fine Art Portfolio, click here.

Timelapse video-Memorial Portrait

Original Sports Art


My most personal works are those which utilize competitors to convey my thoughts on spirituality and humanity.  I have recently begun to work in oil paints to complete large original compositions depicting iconic athletes of Pop Culture. The immediate recognition of the likenesses of current greats such as RGIII and Ray Lewis is only the beginning of the experience.  Each painting I take on contains depth of content and significance to historical dates and occurrences which are expressed with my palette and composition.  I aim to make a statement about both the athlete and the context in which I am portraying them.


If you would like to commission an original work of of Sports Art, send me an email with your ideas and intentions.

To see samples of Sports Art in my Fine Art Portfolio, click here.

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In Home or Commercial Murals


It is the primary necessity of a mural or installation commission to create a space the feels like it is intended to feel.  I approach my murals with precisely this understanding.  I want the walls of the murals I paint to become much more than a boundary or a structural support.  They need to be transformed and repurposed to the desired setting and mood.


I begin my process by coming to the prospective space.  Understanding the limitations of scale, accessibility, materials and condition of the walls is invaluable for the next step of planning.  I am able to recommend proper execution of the mural based on this.  I am flexible in creating a schedule to execute the mural that is amenable to my client's needs.


To set up an appointment, please email me your plans.

To see my Mural Portfolio, click here.

Commercial Illustration


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”



Pablo Picasso



I learned to draw as a child while lying on the floor of a comic book store every day copying side by side Spawn, Wolverine, Etc. I illustrate and make caricature art as yet another tool of expression.  I feel a strong gravitational pull toward comic book art, street art, and outsider art.  This has a great deal to do with how I learned to draw, discovered the world through the screen of a television, and how I currently view print and digital media.  As an artist, I have a diverse range of visual resources, and a diverse tool kit to express them.


To see my Illustration Portfolio, click here.