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" loves and gives art to those things to which one is accustomed."


- Edgar Degas

     Brian Allen Propst, Jr. was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland - continuing in MD Pride by attending Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2007.  His major was in Painting with a Concentration in Illustration


     Brian is dually committed to traditional mediums of fine art as well as experimentation with graphic, audible and interactive media within a painting execution. Honesty, levity and contextual obscurity are themes he employs in playful ways in all of his work.

     Additionally, his most personal body of work is done with oil paints and relates to his background as an athlete, using figurative competitors to convey his interests in spirituality and humanity.


     Brian currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and four children.  His work with high profile clients led to his national recognition.  He also is known locally for his community engaging murals and projects, which can be found throughout the city of Baltimore.